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About Us

Everything is better with friends. That is why we want to simplify the matchmaking experience.

How many games do you have? On how many platforms? Who is online in which friends list ... what are you in the mood for? Are we doing Ranked or Casual? Does it even matter, or do you just want to play?

Let's fix that. A "smart-app" that automatically keeps track of all your games, merges your friends list from every account you have into a single feed, and filters them out based on who is available and playing your game right now.

No one online? Let's find you someone new in seconds - someone that isn't a tryhard or a troll (unless you are into that sort of thing). Someone that matches your interests and playstyle. Someone you'd add to your friends list.

Doctor Fungus CEO & Co-Founder
Octane Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
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